Friday, September 30, 2005

All Children Should Know Family History

The Cambodia Daily
Monday, December 14, 2004
All Children Should Know Family History.
I would like to share my thoughts on the article "Coming of Age in a time of Peace: Pol Pot's Daughter Recalls her Father's last years, and Looks to the Future"(Dec 11-12, page 8).
I was 21 years old when I was translating the "Diary of Anne Frank." I am now 23, working toward my master's degree in Leisure, Tourism and Environment.
As a young girl, Anne Frank was curious why Adolf Hitler killed Jewish people, raising the idea that "what one Jew does does not reflect on all Jews." But of course, what a father does is not the daughter's fault. The daughter belongs to the younger generation. The next generation, however, should be educated about the history of their country and know the background of their family members.
Young people are eager to learn and to know. I would regret it if I never learned or knew of my background and where I came from. I have no interest in politics, but I'm curious why Cambodia and its people fell into such unbelievable disaster. Why did they make war? Only the leaders can tell the answer. Why did the Rouge bring down their own country and take the lives of so many of their countrymen? A tribunal is for the generation to learn and those people who want the truth.
I graduated from the National Institute of Management with a major in accounting, as Sar Patchata plans to do. I had no clue what I should do after high school, but I was told there are more job opportunities for females who study accounting.
Sar Patchata and I are luckier than other poor Cambodian children who cannot finish high school. While in high school, the teachers and older people always said the youth are the heart of the country.


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