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Business Meeting Between Democratic Kampuchea and Korea’s Ministry of Commerce for Committee 51

(Documentation Center of Cambodia Catalogue Number D22718)

Subject: Report of the meeting with Korea on December 6, 1976

Korea: They asked us about the smelting factory and the raw materials used in the soda factory. They also wanted to know about the rice mills. At the same time they informed us that two ships would be arriving in mid-December 1976. We told them about the exportation of rubber and rice.

Our side: Comrade Choeun, comrade Um, comrade Hong, and comrade Hun of Korea. The second and third Korean secretaries asked us several questions:

1. What kinds of raw materials are used in smelting factories?

2. What kind of raw materials do we need for the soda factory?

3. How can they export a rice mill to us?

4. We want to confirm that two ships will be arriving in mid-December; one is Meang Sinh and the other is Phearng Fa, which can carry 4 tons.

5. We would like to suggest that Democratic Kampuchea write a detailed report on the goods carried by Meang Sinh and other matters.

6. Please check the types of wire and oxy cytretra cyclin we brought. If you need more, please inform us.

Our side:

1. Our smelting factory uses iron as the raw material and coal for energy. We will talk about our daily report later. Also, we will inform them later about the materials used in making soda after checking the models.

2. For the rice mill, we want all the machines we need to process rice from the beginning. However, we want diesel-powered machines. We just want them to send us the plans for the building and we will be responsible for the construction.

It would be very helpful if Korea sends us 3-4 machines in January, then we can learn how to use them before construction begins.

So far, we have encountered two problems:

1. We intended to send more goods to Korea, but we do not have enough things to send them. If they allow us to ship more goods, we will ship them one ton of rubber. This amount of rubber will be included in the list of goods exported to Korea in 1977.

2. Rice: This year rice production is very good. We plan to sell some to other countries. But the priority is to sell to our allies. If Korea agrees to buy our rice, they can sell it to other countries if they want to. We want to sell Korea 50,000 tons of rice in 1977. We want them to inform us about what is the most convenient arrangement for them.

Korea: Regarding shipments of rice and rubber, we will report to you after we have reported to China.

Our side: We want to know how you deal with business records at the end of the year with your counterparts.

Korea: Normally we will clear the account by the end of the year. If we still have...we will refer to next year.

We spent exactly one hour, from 15 to 16 hours, in discussions with Korea. This is the report for Committee 51.

Made on December 6, 1976

Committee of Ministry of Commerce


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