Friday, September 30, 2005

Funding talks for UN war crimes tribunal due to start in Cambodia

ABC Radio Australia
Last Updated 09/12/2004, 12:03:41

Talks to finalise a budget for a United Nations backed war crimes tribunal for surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime are due to get underway in Cambodia.
Our correspondent, Peter Lloyd, reports that a six member UN team will meet with Cambodian government officials in Phnom Penh.
At issue is the amount of money required to stage a three-year tribunal to prosecute Khmer Rouge leaders.
After a final figure is agreed, an appeal for donations from UN member states will be launched.
So far Australia is the only country to pledge funding of $US2.2 million.
Cambodia's prime minister, Hun Sen, has expressed concern that the slow pace of negotiations will mean former Khmer Rouge leaders will die before the trials begin.
Surviving leaders are now in their 70s, most living freely. Two are in detention.
Pol Pot escaped justice when he died in the jungle in 1998.
Government officials in Phnom Penh say the trials could commence by the middle of next year if donor pledges are made soon.


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