Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Have any Khmer Rouge senior leaders been tried before?

In 1979 there was a genocide trial in Phnom Penh known as the People’s Revolutionary Tribunal. That tribunal tried Ieng Sary and Pol Pot and found both guilty of the crime of genocide, but neither of them appeared in court nor served any sentence.

In 1996 the King granted a pardon to Ieng Sa
ry for the sentence imposed when the People’s Revolutionary Tribunal tried him for genocide. It will be up to the judges to decide on the scope of this pardon. Even if he cannot be re-tried for genocide, there may be other charges that could be brought against him. This will depend on the evidence available.

In 1997 the Khmer Rouge themselves tried Pol Pot for crimes allegedly committed within the organisation after 1979. Pol P
ot died in 1998, so he will not be tried posthumously in this court


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