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New York, Dec 3 2004 2:00PM

A special court to try the aging leaders of the Khmer Rouge is one step
closer to fruition now that Cambodia has complied with the legal
requirements for its agreement with the United Nations to enter into force.

The UN has yet to provide Phnom Penh with its own reciprocal notification of
compliance, which is needed for the agreement to go into effect,
Secretary-general Kofi Annan says in an
<"">addendum to
his <"">report to the
General Assembly on the Khmer Rouge trials.

That notification, Mr. Annan writes, will depend on whether sufficient money
is in place to fund the staffing and operations of the Extraordinary
Chambers for the trials for a sustained period of time. He says that
condition will be met once pledges have been made for the Chambers' three
years of operations -but only after actual contributions for its first year
have been received.

In May 2003 the General Assembly authorized the UN to help Cambodia set up
and run two Extraordinary Chambers in the new tribunal to "prosecute those
most responsible for crimes and serious violations of Cambodian and
international law between 17 April 1975 and 6 January 1979."

One Chamber will be a trial court and the other will be a Supreme Court
within the existing Cambodian justice system, staffed with a mix of
international and Cambodian judges.

According to the agreement, which stresses the impartiality and Independence
of the prospective jurists, decisions in the two Chambers would be taken by
a majority of four judges in the trial court and five judges in the Supreme

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