Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Question & Answer

Questions and Answers on the Khmer Rouge Trials.

  1. Why has it taken so long to prosecute the crimes of the Khmer Rouge period?
  2. Why are we going to have a trial now? How will the Khmer Rouge Trials benefit the people of Cambodia?
  3. Who will be put on trial?
  4. What punishement will the suspects receive if convicted?
  5. Will there be amnesties and pardons?
  6. Have any Khmer Rouge senior leaders been tried before?
  7. Will the foreign countries that supported the Khmer Rouge or commetted war crimes go on trial?
  8. What about crimes committed after 1979?
  9. When will the trials begin?
  10. How long will the trials take?
  11. Where will the trials take place?
  12. Who can go to watch the trials?
  13. How will the Extraordinary Chambers work?
  14. If we cannot go to see the trials, how will we know what is happening in the court?
  15. How will the judges be appointed?