Friday, September 30, 2005

Ranariddh Opposes KR Trial at RCAF Base

The Cambodia Daily
Lor ChandaraThursday, December 16, 2004
National Assembly President Prince Norodom Ranariddh criticized thegovernment's proposal to use RCAF headquarters as a possible site for theKhmer Rouge tribunal, saying a different location was needed to ensure "atrue international standard of justice."
"For me, any place outside the military barracks must be better," he toldreporters Wednesday outside the Assembly. "Any court must be held in anenvironment where witnesses don't feel any pressure."
The final decision will be left up to the UN and the government's tribunaltask force, he added.
Speaking by telephone Wednesday, Sean Visoth, the government's tribunaltask force secretary, said officials were still waiting on the UN's finalapproval of the proposed location.
"I am not sure if the UN Secretariat has agreed to this site or not," hesaid. The new RCAF base in Kandal province could intimidate potential witnessesor regular citizens who want to attend the trials, Licadho President KekGalabru said Wednesday.
Motorbike taxi driver Var Phum, 39, agreed. "It is good for the country in poverty, but it is not good to do the trialin a military place," he said of the government's argument that holding thetribunal in the military base could save up to $1 million.


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