Friday, September 30, 2005

Theater Is Right Symbolic Site for KR Trial

The Cambodia Daily
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Regarding your article "Government, UN Finalize Budget for Khmer RougeTribunal"(Dec 11-12, page 3), in my opinion we should only use Phnom Penh'sChaktomuk Theater for the trial of the Khmer Rouge leaders because in 1979,Chaktomuk conference hall was used by the People's Republic of Kampucheafor sentencing the Khmer Rouge Clique: Pol Pot and Ieng Sary.
If the venue is changed, that would be a knock on the PRK and suggest thatthe government could not find justice for the victims of DemocraticKampuchea. If the government does not change the venue, that is a sign thatit will continue the task of the law.
The government demanded the UN to proceed with the tribunal in Cambodia,because the crimes happened in Cambodia. So from this point of view,Chaktomuk should be used. If the government changes the trial venue to theRCAF headquarters on National Route 4, Cambodian people will feelintimidated.
Nowadays, even when people are driving on the road they do not want todrive next to cars with military license plates because they are concernedabout having a problem with the owners.
Usually when they have such problems, those driving the cars with militaryplates have opened fire without warning.
Not all such drivers do that, but Cambodians are afraid of that happening.
Therefore the RCAF headquarters is not possible as a location.
Chhorng Long HengPhnom Penh


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