Friday, September 30, 2005

To KR Survivor, Pol Pot Anything But Good

The Cambodia DailyFriday, December 17, 2004
By Nuon So Thero
I was so surprised to learn through your article, "Pol Pot's DaughterRecalls Her Father's Last Years and Looks to the Future"(Dec 11-12, page8), that the notorious Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot loved his family. It is ashock to imagine.
From Sar Patchata's point of view, he was a very good father. I would saythat she was a lucky young girl compared to the millions of Cambodians wholived under her father's genocidal agrarian regime. My life is so verydifferent from Sar Patchata's.
Because of her father I had a horrible and unspeakably painful life duringthe Khmer Rouge regime and then later in a refugee camp. Because of herfather, the flames of hatred, anger and revenge quietly burn in my heart.
My father was killed when I was too young to remember his face. I was putin a children's camp separated from my mother and forced to work long hourseach day in exchange for a few teaspoonfuls of porridge. One time, I wassent to an execution site. Luckily the killers took pity on me. SarPatchata and I are orphans, but we are orphaned in different ways.
I will never forget that my father was killed by her father's regime and myyounger brother died of starvation. I wanted to sit on my father's lap,play with him and hug and kiss him like Patchata did. But that was just afar off dream. Instead, I embraced fear, tears and hatred during mychildhood.
My pain will never heal no matter the circumstance. I will never forgiveher father. Patchata is not to blame for her father's inhumane leadership;however; it is her responsibility to know and understand what he did toCambodia and its people.


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