Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ex-Khmer Rouge Killer Has No Excuse for Past Crimes

The Cambodia Daily
Nuon Sotheavy
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I would like to share my deep indignation regarding the story of Suy Vith, a former Khmer Rouge killer, "Former Khmer Rouge Recounts Dark Past: (Jan 7, page 1).

As an indirect victim belonging to the generation following the regime, I see this former soldier as very irresponsible.

As Suy Vith said, he was not born to be a killer but the regime forced him to be, otherwise he would have been killed as his parents were.

But instead of regretting their death, he joined those who assassinated his parents and became a serial killer.

If he had thought a little bit more, he would have not been a killer but would have been killed, which would then have saved thousands of lives because there would have been fewer killers and soldiers to support the regime!

He followed the regime in fear of being killed, but this is not an excuse to avoid facing justice.

As I read it, to save his own life, he killed hundreds of others. There is no one life that is more valuable than another.

I don't doubt that he was not the only one in the case, but if there would have been fewer people who thought like he did, the regime would not have lasted three years eight months and 20 days!

There's no use to regret and rely on karma today, because it will not calm the souls who will never rest in peace until justice is rendered.


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