Monday, October 17, 2005

Government Is Doing Its Part For KR Tribunal

Letter To Editor

The Cambodia Daily

Monday, October 17, 2005

Volume 32, Issue 84

The recent contribution of $1 million from India to the Khmer Rouge trials was extremely welcome and deeply appreciated by the Cambodian Gov­ernment Task Force, as reported in your article "India Pledges $1 Million for KR Tribunal (Oct 10, page 1).

Regarding the Cambodian gov­ernment contribution to the Extraordinary Chambers, the article stated: "The government was to cover the re­maining $13.3 million, but it announced in March that it could only afford to pay $1.5 million."

This is inaccurate.

In December 2003 the UN technical assistance mission proposed a divided budget, with one part to be sought in multilateral contributions via the UN ($43 million), and the other to be sought by the Cambodian gov­ernment ($13.3 million).

From the very beginning the Cambodian government clearly indicated that it would be well beyond it’s means to contribute the full amount in the "Cambo­dian" part, but would be seeking bilateral contributions.

It was by no means reneging on a previous commitment which the Cambodian government launched an appeal for bilateral contributions and pledged to con­tribute $1.5 million from its own national budget.

In addition to this cash compo­nent. Cambodia will also provide $5.2 million in indirect costs--in­cluding provision of premises for the court, water, electricity, con­struction and running of deten­tion facilities, medical care and security arrangements--which are not included in the $13.3 million budget

Cambodia's total contribution of $6.7 million--cash and indirect expenses--represents over 10 percent of the estimated cost of the Khmer Rouge trials and is a substantial amount, certainly well beyond that contributed by the affected state in any other mixed or international criminal tribunal.

Dr Helen Jarvis,


Secretariat of the Task Force,

Office of the Council of Ministers


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