Wednesday, October 12, 2005

KR Restaurant Should Be Free To Reopen


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Volume 32 Issue 81

Kyheng Ea, Phnom Penh

Recently, I was quite impressed to sense the word freedom again.

But then I learned that the L’histoire Cafe was closed due to some stated reasons I seriously doubt. (“Khmer Rouge Cafe close by government,” Oct 3, page 12).

As a child, I heard much about hardship in the Khmer Rouge regime from my parents.

I understood so little.

“You are lucky to be born after the KR regime ended,” they usually said.

Particularly, I noticed when they pointed out what they were not allowed to do, and this enable me to grasp the word “freedom” fully.

In order for the younger generation to more or less become aware of people’s endurance during regime, I personally feel that the Khmer Rouge cafe, like the Cambodian marketplace generally, should be free to reopen as soon as it gets its license. This would keep the KR history alive.

Moreover, the authentic food at L’histoire Cafe would serve as a valuable experience, helping to sharpen and broaden peoples’ knowledge of the Khmer Rouge government. This would also guarantee that under no circumstances should Cambodians ever take their freedom for granted.


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