Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tribunal Must Start Before It’s Too Late

The Cambodia Daily, Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Kann Samnag, Siem Reap

The dark shadow of the brutal, nearly four-year regime of the Khmer Rouge, led by the notorious Pol Pot, has died away. But the suffering it caused remains unresolved even now.

The question of why the creation of a tribunal has been delayed has gone unanswered for most Cambodians.

International communities, local organizations and Cambodian people themselves are extremely concerned that former Khmer Rouge leaders, presently under detention, will die before they are brought to justice.

This has frustrated Cambodians as a whole.

The international community and donor countries are widely believed to have shown their interest in, and support for, the tribunal.

So why hasn’t it yet been established? When do the victims deserve the justice they have been waiting for ages? Is there any political motive behind the delay?

Will the delay of the trial be prolonged until the criminals die?

Personally, I want the world to see that my people’s past sufferings will be returned with true justice.

As one of the Cambodian citizens and on my own behalf of the victimized, I feel compelled to ask the government to urgently establish the tribunal.

Otherwise, it will be too late.


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