Monday, December 05, 2005

Letter: Remember the Armenian genocide

I am writing in response to the article ("From the Holocaust to Rwanda...history of genocide," Oct. 23). Without being critical, it is curious that the first genocide of the twentieth century, the Armenian Genocide, is cited early in the article yet its title appears to promote the period of the Holocaust and later. There is much to learn from the earlier tragedy as Hitler did when he said only 25 years later and before invading Poland, "Who after all speaks today about the extermination of the Armenians?"

While many students may be well aware of the Holocaust, perhaps more attention toward other atrocities and putting aside that which is familiar if not almost normal to them, can help to gain insight for how people not directly affected by such issues may view the matter.

The article states a Holocaust survivor will be presented. In the past the MetroWest Daily News published an article that presented two Rwandan survivors of more recent atrocities. To include these people along with others from the tragedies in Cambodia and the Balkans would bring the issue of genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass killings, whatever term is used, very much into the present for those interested in the subject.

If it were not for the fortitude of the Jews, events such as the Holocaust would easily slip into history. I write with sincere appreciation for Len Rabinowitz and other’s like efforts that these historical events are not to be forgotten.



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