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Khmer Rouge tribunal in brief

Phnom Penh Post, Issue 15 / 10
May 19 - June 1, 2006
Who knows what

Here's a rundown on the educational background and language skills of the 17 Cambodian judges and prosecutors reported to have been selected as judicial officers for the Khmer Rouge Trial by the Supreme Council of Magistracy, according to the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development.

* 11 persons speak none or little-to-fair levels of language required by the Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia, while the information on 1 person (Ney Thol) could not be obtained.

* 3 persons speak no foreign language: Thong Ol, Kong Srim and Yar Sokhan.

* 5 persons speak little English: Yon Bun Leng, Thou Mony, Yar Narin, Sin Rith and Nil Nonn.

* 2 persons speak fair English: Chea Leang and Huot Vuthy.

* 6 persons speak fluent English or French (almost one-third of 17 judges and prosecutors), namely:
- 3 persons speak fluent English: Pen Pich Saly, You Ottara and Mong Monichakriya.
- 3 persons speak fluent French: Chuon Sun Leng, Prak Kim San and Som Sereyvuth.

* 1 person did not receive an educational degree in law, but is a teacher of high school: Prak Kim San.

* 2 persons only completed high school-level education: Thon Ol and Som Sereyvuth.

* 6 persons received Bachelor Degrees in Law: You Bun Leng, Chuon Sun Leng, Nil Nonn, Yar Sokhan, Thou Mony and Kong Srim.

* 5 persons received Master Degrees in Law: Chea Leang, Huot Vuthy, Pen Pich Saly, You Ottara and Mong Monichakriya.

* 2 persons received Doctorate Degrees in Law from National University of Kazakhstan: Yar Narin and Sin Rith.

* 5 persons received no law degree and/or have not attended the previous trainings, namely:
- 2 persons received no law degree and have not attended the previous trainings: Thong Ol and Som Sereyvuth.
- 2 persons received no law degree: Chea Leang and Pen Pich Saly.
-1 person has not attended the previous trainings: Chuon Sun Leng.


The list headed Khmer Rouge trial judicial officers in the Phnom Penh Post dated May 5, 2006, originated from the Voice of America. The staff of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia did not guarantee its accuracy.

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